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What Is Camarts

Camarts is a personal project that cumulates all of my passions — travel, photography, design, and programming. It is a digital gallery for pictures I captured during my journey around the world; It is a playground that allows me to experiment with new ideas for product design and the latest technology; It is an expression of who I am.

Who Am I

My name is Tianxin Weng, and I go by the name of Dandy. I was born in 1995 in Guangzhou, China.

I dropped out of school when I was seven and became an autodidact, and I never went back to conventional schools since then — yes, no high schools, no colleges, no universities, and of course, no bootcamps. My parents taught me the ability to learn, and I self-taught the rest of everything I know today, mostly via the internet.

I was free to spend all my time and energy pursuing my passions and nourishing my creative mind. When I was about ten, I became obsessed with graphical design, so I taught myself how to use vector graphics software and started drawing and designing things; When I turned twelve, I grew a lot of interest in photography, and I learned how to operate a camera and to capture meaningful images; A year later, programming is my newfound interest, and I began to teach myself to code; By the time I was fifteen, I wanted to connect the dots of everything I love and make cool stuff, so I started to build Camarts.

Written by Dandy Weng. Built with VitePress in Switzerland.